About Us

About Us

We Are Leading Women empowering team in the southwest Region

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Be skillful and useful is an empowerment Movement geared at Empowering the less privileged with income generating skills and love gifts. It’s aimed at contributing to POSITIVE CHANGE BY CREATING empowerment opportunities.


1. Skills development empowers women by providing them with the necessary tools to pursue their ambitions, assert themselves in various roles, and break through societal barriers.

Financial Independence

2. Acquiring new skills enhances women's employability and entrepreneurship opportunities, enabling them to achieve financial independence and contribute to their families' economic well-being.

Personal Growth

Skill development fosters personal growth and self-confidence in women, enabling them to realize their full potential, take on leadership roles, and make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.


Successfully Project Finished.


Women in from 2019 empowered


Claras_Women coming together


Year of experience

Some Team Members

Our Experts

Miss Azeh Lereh

Founder Little Ones

Mrs Clara Mafanny

Creative Director Claras_Wigs

Miss Etchu Wilmar

C.O.O Claras_wigs

Miss Bella Carine

Bella's Glam(USA Representer)


Committed To Keep Women Empowered

Raising women who can impact their communities through skills development and the Passion for Growth

We Follow Best Practices

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